[ Article by Becky Watson ]
[ Photographs by Becky Watson ]

There is a fresh music duo on the scene in Christchurch and, although they’ve dropped only two tracks so far, they’ll excite your eardrums in a way that could only be described as magical. Vocals from Rachel Mahoney are smooth and soulful, and lyrically she’ll steal your heart. Struan Finlay is the mastermind behind the beats that move from a lax living room feel into something that will have you feeling ready to slip on your closest dancing shoes and bop along in a groovy fashion. the fuller recently got the chance to have a cuppa with the pair and discuss their musical genius some more.

How did you two first get into making music together?

RWe went to high school together and have been mates since we were 16, and both love music, I guess. There was never really an official starting point of Capitale – it just grew on its own.

SYeah, we were both really keen to get into making music, having come from musical backgrounds. We’re good mates, so we just went for it.

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Is there anything in particular that stirs your creativity?

R: I’m inspired by people, their stories, their emotions, and the way we all experience life in a completely different way.

S: …and fairy lights in the studio. The nice vibes help our creativity.

Do you have any story behind the name of your duo?

S: ‘Capitale’ describes a peak, or high point of something; other than that, not really. I initially liked to think of it as meaning top notch vibes.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

R: Kimbra – without a doubt she is my number one vocal inspiration.

S: Kimbra! Yes, and we’re both quite into Oh Wonder. They’re a bit high spec though. We’ve only just started; who knows what’s in store later on.

I’d love to hear three words to describe your music style…

R: Poetic, Relaxed, Fun.

S: Chill, Swervy, Fun.

I hear you two are planning on releasing songs monthly. Is there anything that has influenced this decision, and can we look forward to an EP release at some time in the not so distant future?

S: Yeah, we’ll be releasing songs at least once a month. We are trying this out to set a personal goal, but also so our fans can keep hearing from us. We’ve started off on SoundCloud, which is perfect for monthly releases. And yes, we are planning on an EP sometime after a bunch of monthly releases.

Rachel, I know aside from music you also study at CPIT. How do you find balancing Capitale and assignments and such? Struan, feel free to drop any wise words of wisdom, as I understand you also study at Jazz School. How does this tie into this music project?

R: I’m currently studying Social Work and it’s not too hectic at the moment; Social Work has a lot to do with knowing yourself and understanding how you work and what you want, and this often ties in nicely to our music. Exploring ourselves, ideas that go beyond our own lives, and how we see the world.

S: My music degree is very time consuming, and is a separate entity to our duo, even though it is music. Having said that, I’ve been exposed to a whole world of inspiration from my studies.

If you’re keen to check out some more Capitale goodness, head over to their SoundCloud page ‘capitalemusic’ and give your ears a musical treat.