Inspiring people to fulfill their potential for positive change

The Fuller Issue is about the city and it’s people. Christchurch is in a unique position to review what it is to exist in an urban environment in the 21st Century and to create a new expression of urban existence. We feel that this is exciting and worth producing a publication about. The Fuller Issue does this by focusing on the people that make up the city what they do, and how they do it, profiling innovation and creativity, the challenges and the dreams that make up city life.

The Fuller is run by a team of volunteers excited to be involved with a project that showcases what’s going on in our city and further afield. They love the fact being part of a publication that presents insightful and thoughtful articles and quality photography and design and can do all this whilst meeting semi-regularly over a few drinks. We are committed to focusing on our online publications, but our readership has asked for us to produce hard copies. We have been able to do this for our third issue by the kind support of Development Mechanics Ltd and Modur Creative and members of the volunteer team. Not only do they give their time but also their own $…they are awesome.

All $ from sales will be put back into the production and printing of the next issue of The Fuller.

We are grateful for this support. If you are in a position to contribute in a similar way to our focus. Please be in contact with us at if not then please just reading our issues or buying a hard copy will do fine.

Fuller Issue readership