[ Article by Matt Walters ]
[ Photographs by Meredith Marsone ]

A poem, a love of books, and a painting technique rooted in classical modernist techniques is found in one of the latest works by artist Meredith Marsone.

One that saw Meredith painting 30 works in 30 days on books found in different second hand book shops, in an initial response to a poem she wrote.  Marsone fills a space that is contemporary, and, of the past. A preoccupation with experience and human life.

Being creative is cathartic for Meredith. Born out of a conceptionalist grounding she received at Art college, and a critical eye that made her passionate to make work that was focused rather than arrogant.  A swing back to the craft of art-making, and the importance of the artist and the medium; develop the subtlety of symbolism, narrative, and metaphor.

It would seem wrong not to make a nod to the Pre-Raphaelites in her painting and Meredith states that there is “an admiration” for this period.

“How can you not marvel at the creations that were made during that period? Up until the mid-19th century painting was an amazing endeavour, it’s just got somewhat lost in a malaise of bad art”.

Marsone’s paintings are not rushed; rather focused and deliberate. Her studies of portrait and the human form are an exploration of being, something very real, for not only our experience in Christchurch today but also the 21st century human condition.